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Scientific Programme Hightlights

Guest Speakers discussing a range of topics:

Professor Przemyslaw Rutkowski MD (Poland)

S 04 Dialysis-Renal replacement therapy – the past and the future

Professor Rob Beelen MD (The Netherlands)

S 05 Peritoneal Dialysis – A follow up of the EuTRiPD programme

Dr Helen Noble RN (United Kingdom)

S 07 End of life Care – Palliative Care in Chronic kidney disease: capturing impact on patient and carers

Dr Nicola Thomas RN (United Kingdom)

S 08 Shared Decision Making – Quality Management – How to practically bring about a true partnership in renal care

Ms Jutta Balhorn RN (Germany)

S 12 Education – How to cope with increasing demands on renal nurses – stress management techniques for staff
S 17 Safety and Emergency procedures in Dialysis – How to implement failure and risk management to ensure safety of patients during HD-treatment

Ms Victoria Alikari RN (Greece)

S 13 Psychosocial care – Identification of stress in dialysis patients: The role of the nurse within the dialysis multidisciplinary team

Dr Lionel Rostaing MD (France)

S 14 Transplantation – Desensitization of kidney transplant candidates against ABO and/or HLA barriers

Dr Anne van Tellingen MD (The Netherlands)

S 15 Pre-dialysis: Prevention strategies for the pre-dialysis patient

Ms Slavenka Drakulic Writer – post renal-transplant patient (Croatia)

S 16 The patient experience – Patient Involvement – Flesh of her Flesh – The patient experience

Dr Franziska Frizen MD (Germany)

S 18 Cannulation Techniques: Are the common puncture techniques really up to date?
S 27 Vascular access – Best options for the creation of AV fistula/grafts in diabetics

Professor Luisa Murer MD (Italy)

S 19 Care of the child with CKD – Renal transplant in very young children: a big challenge.
S 22 CKD Risk factors & Prevention – Congenital anomalies of Kidney and Urinary Tract (CAKUT): from prenatal diagnosis to CKD in adulthood.

Professor Paula Ormandy RN ( United Kingdom)

S 21 E-technology in renal care – Using technology and social media to enhance peer support and self management

Associated Professor Frantisek Lopot (Czech Republic)

S 23 Technical – The neglected issue of dialysis time in evolution of HD adequacy

Dr Giovanni Strippoli MD (Italy)

S 24 Open Forum: Cochrane renal group – Summarizing evidence: the role of systematic reviews and the Cochrane Renal Group

Mrs Linda Gracey Carer (United Kingdom)

S 28 The carer experience – Being a carer… the reality

Professor Wilfred Druml (Austria)

S 29 Nutrition ̶ Intradialytic oral/ enteral/ parenteral nutrition

Workshops to be held at the Conference:

Workshops in Research Skills

John Sedgewick (Saudi Arabia), Dr Helen Noble & Dr Nicola Thomas (United Kingdom)
Seminar Room 3, Monday, 27th September 2015
Workshop (1) at 09:00 & Workshop (2) at 11:00
(limited number of attendees)

S 31 Cure and care for the PD patient – the role of nurses in making choices

Prof Rob Beelen (The Netherlands)
Tuesday, 28th September 2015, 10:15

Lunchtime sessions include:

S 09 DOPPS Symposium

Saal 1, Sunday, 27th September 2015, 12:45–14:45

S 10 Greek Workshop

Eugenia Koinoviarchou (Greece)
Plasmaphaeresis as a special treatment method in a haemodialysis unit of a general hospital. A nursing care approach.
Dr Panagiotis Pateinakis (Greece)
Plasmaphaeresis as a special treatment method in a Haemodialysis unit of a general hospital
Seminar Room, Sunday, 27th September 2015, 12:30