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S 06 Corporate Education Session

S 06 CES Baxter
Making connections – improving quality of care in the dialysis unit and at home
Grosser Saal, 27th September 2015, 11:00 – 12:30

"Connecting with patients" is essentially related to "patient centred care" or "relationship-centred care" or "responsiveness" or "mutuality". These concepts are used nowadays by policy makers, healthcare professionals ad patient organisations, as the way that the health systems should go ahead to cross the "quality chasm". Nurses are intrinsically related to these behaviors, as should every member of the healthcare team. Empathy is crucial in this evironment underscoring the connection with the patient. In this session we will present the results of a discussion held by a group of 10 Nephrology Professionals from 6 European countries with long hands-on experience in the field of education of patients facing renal replacement therapy election. We will also present the results of a European electronic survey on their patient-education programmes and how they are organised.
We also want to emphasize on "Indivisualisation of Care" for better outcomes in Hemodialysis patients. As the management of HD delivery is complex and every treatment differs, efficient quality control activities are required to ensure that the therapy is effectively provided. Concepts of IQD will be explained as well as how it can work in practice.
"Connecting to improve home dialysis patient care" will focus on "remote monitoring" and demonstrate how it allows HCPs to free up time for their patient care. It is also a way for the nurses to actively involve and empower home-patients throughout their dialysis journey. We will present the results of a survey among patient and HCPs about remote monitoring.

Session content
Mario Prieto
Connecting with patients – predialysis education in European Renal Units


Claire Main
Individualised care to improve quality in the HD unit


Catherine Firanek
Connecting to improve home dialysis patient care